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It has been believed that the desert is a spiritual, mystical place since time forgotten.
There is a stillness, a peacefulness that surrounds the deceptively simple sand and sun, and a certain
clarity can be found there for those who seek an inner peace.
Legends have been born of those who risked all they had to wander into it's vastness in search
of some elusive, inner oasis.

In his life's travels through the American landscape, Arnold Mitchem has found himself taken from
Northern California to North Carolina and everywhere in between, finally winding up in Los Angeles,
a touring musician living a hard life that took it's toll on his psyche and his dreams.

Emotionally exhausted and physically drained, a last-ditch attempt to regain his sanity brought him to
the desert and to a new way of life. Replenished by nature's tranquility, Arnold became an environmental artist, and he celebrates his
spiritual rebirth in his CD's, "Desert Dreams" & "Mojave Moon", two soothing, heartfelt musical tributes to the pureness that the desert has provided him.

In these modern times, peace is a rare commodity. Arnold has dedicated these CD's to those people who have
made it their work to study and preserve the natural treasures of the American Southwest.
When you come to the desert, bring your sense of awe and wonder. And when you leave, be sure to take 'Desert Dreams' & 'Mojave Moon" with you as
your own private oasis -- wherever you go.

~ Accolades ~
"Once in a great while, one comes across a truly talented independent artist.
Such is the case with "DESERT DREAMS" by Arnold Mitchem." - Visions Magazine

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