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Esongs®, Bringing you the music of Arnold Mitchem since 1997.

desert dreams

   The wind whispers through the canyon to gently sway the palms.
   The sun has slipped away, and the evening stars light the stage.
   The crickets set the rhythym, an age old ritual.
   In the distance the night birds singing seem to say
    "Welcome to the desert...   
     ....Come inside and play".

   $15.00 ~

"Once in a great while, one comes across a truly talented independent artist.
Such is the case with "DESERT DREAMS" by Arnold Mitchem." - Visions Magazine

mojave moon

    Encounter the emotion of a sojurn through the Mojave...
    just you and the solitude of the desert.
    All sense of time disappears. It's the journey... it's your journey.
    The sands of time have erased the footprints of any who have been here before you.
    Look closely and listen on this moonlit night,
    and you can almost hear the ancient footsteps under the Mojave Moon

   $15.00 ~

"A fantastic musical journey through the Mojave Desert at midnight. Mitchem artfully uses an acoustic guitar with
great instrumentals to produce hauntingly romantic melodies and sensuous rhythms."

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